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Below you will find access to some amazing betting tools and many are  for free. Just fill in your details and we will do the rest. All promotions are supplied by email.   Do not log in for any of these offers. 

Professional Staking Plan

Learn how to manage your betting bank, increasing your stakes safely when winning and protecting your Bank when losing without reducing your bets beyond the point of no return. Supplied in PDF format for easy printing at your end. A low cost software version is available via the Winform Software section of the online store.

E-News Application or Change of Address-

Winform E-News  or Change of Address
Winform E-News is issued once or twice a week and contains information for Punters, Form Analysis tips, as well as information on the best betting products and special offers and reviews on Punting books and Software as well as racing and sporting books of a more general nature. There is no charge for this service. If notifying chage of address please include your old address in Noptices to us. There is no needc to log in.

$100 A Day Plan


In an easy to download four page article, learn how it is possible to make as much as $100 A Day without any form information whatsoever. Simply watch the prices on your computer or at the TAB and place your bets a few minutes before start time. There is also an explanation of how to make $100 A Day using ratings. If you like the idea , there is low cost software available that can assist you under Winform Software.



An original 120 page book written by one of Australia's leading form analysts and acknowledged as the father of time ratings in Australia. Author and Editor of Horse Racing Australia, Garry Robinson, wrote this book many years ago after many requests through Turf Monthly for a guide to producing valid time ratings. It is still relevant today and even punters in places like Hong Kong, the U.K. and France have found the formulas work wherever you go.

There is no charge for this E-Book which forms the basis for Winform Ratings, Australia's most profitable rating service. It includes not only time formulas for various distances but also more valid weight penalties and adjustments and penalties for barriers.

The original book has been reprinted many times but in these times the E-Book has become the most popular item.