All About Winform Racing Club

Winform Racing Club has continued to be one of Australia’s leaders in racing information and services for the last 25 years. Winform Racing Club is an organisation that dedicates their knowledge and efforts to producing a solid, genuine and affordable racing information for punters.


Winform was founded by Garry Robinson former writer for Turf Monthly, Author of Best Selling Book: “Make Racing Pay”, a regular for Racing Radio and now Editor of Horse Racing Australia Magazine. Together Robinson and the Winform Team are working to educate punters on the principles of betting which enables you to enjoy Horse Racing and winning at the same time.


If you are looking for something to spice up your punting strategy, to learn about punting in general or even to just apply a professional, business like approach to your betting then the Winform Bookshop is the answer you have been waiting for.


With Winform’s distinct knowledge and experience you can count on getting all the best quality products available, including: Racing and Form Books, Ratings and Information, professional easy to use punting software and Selections Services.